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no a man accused of touching himself outside an anne arundel elementary school, how you scan help police find him. >> he worked to make shower we could live long, long lives and his ended way too soon. tonight the murder of a researcher. >> there's a new reason for parents to pay void bottles and other -- avoid bottles and other products with bpa. >> the skies were dark. the air was humid for most of the day. >> we're looking at downtown bel air. will we have rain? will it clear up? let's check in with wyatt. >> it depends on where you are right now. we have weather going down in caroline county and in eastern dorchester county and eastern talbot county. so we are seeing intense weather in parts of the state. this is the narrow band that has produced damaging winds. we have had a tornado watch but haven't seen much in the way of tornadic activity. a tornado watch is in effect just for the eastern most part of the state for another hour or so through 7:00. the radar picture, you seat storm line pushing out, but there's rain on the back side. we're not completely clear, but we see t
has shown up in anne arundel. that brings their total to four this season. now the department of agriculture is taking action. don harrison was there to find out what's going on. >> reporter: anne arundel county has reported another west nile virus case. that is the fourth one of the season. baltimore city and county each have three. pg county has the most in the state so far with six. west nile virus can go undetected in many people. if you have symptoms, they can mimic the flu. >> some headache, fever, muscle ache, oth earl body aches as well as a rash or swollen lymph nodes. >> reporter: the department of agriculture and the city are working to combat the spread of west nile. they will start spraying in east port and outside the city. how to handle the problem is where the disagreement s bob is all for zapping them with the chemical praying. >> this is the third day. i've put on repellent each day and still i get mosquito bites on the leg oar loor dave is the manager -- >> reporter: dave is the manager and he is outside all the time. he doesn't object to the spraying. gee j
a ccew on the scene and wiil update you on fox 45 news at 5:30. new this anne arundel county middle school student was found with a b.b. gun and aaseven inch knife on board the sshool bus. police say he was taken into custody police say the weapon was . discharged at the bus stop, and a 13 year old was struck... but not seriously hurt. prosecutors and debt collectors workkng together. it's a trend that is on the upswing across the country according to a recent new york times artiile. and in maryland, it's happening too . .baltimore county prosecutors refers people who write bad chhcks to a collection agency that writes a letter to the debtor using the proscutors letterhead.state prosecutor scott schellenberge says the program, which sometimes attend a finanicial planning class, a win win for the county. he says it keeps people who make a minor mistake out of the court system. as for the money, he says the county doess't keep any. 20:00:03"i made a decision a few years ago that i didn't look proper for the profits from the private company too come to the state's attroney's o
tests? >> at north county high school in anne arundel, a record number are taking them. what led to the big increase? tim tooten is live in the studio. >> passing and advanced placement course and the end of class exam adds up to college credit but that's not the only reason why so many north county students are signing up. it is the change of class's. a record number of students taking and passing advanced placement courses and it all started three years ago when the school's principal took the lead in motivating students and staff. >> kids need to believe that they can do it. we have gone from 40 students taking the exams to over 1100. >> hope they are encouraged to sign up as early as their freshman year. not a social studies person. art teacher makes it really interesting and he engages you. you understand. >> it all came down to getting the word out. >> we have advertised our class's to kids and really put it out there to tell them what advanced placement could offer them. >> we have been helping each other out and encouraging them to take that extra step and take the more r
... restitutiin... to... victim's... iisurance companies. another... anne arundel county... worker ... comes....forward ... claiming... she... and other women.../ were... subjected... o... a... hostile ... work environment... under... county executive, johh leopold. leopold. in... the... affidavit../ . the... worker... medical... leave.../.. writes... how... she had... first hand... knowledge... of... workers ... being fired... for... providing information.... on... a lawsuit... áfiledá... against leopold...///. joan ... &p harris... was... one of two workers ... fired.../. she... discussed... the... recent document... that was filed. 12:59:59 (harris) there are really many things that happened in that office that &pare wrong that are immoral an people need to be held accountable for it :10 suit,.../ leopold's... pacing... a... ácriminalá case... involving... aleeged... misconduct ... leopold... spokesman... won't... comment ...// a... child... is re
communities. coastal flood warning, southern baltimore county into anne arundel county. that is through the overnight hour. havre de grace, high tide around 9:15 and annapolis around 9:00. you're going to be dealing with coastal flooding. take a look at lay tonsville, 66 unconfirmed wind gusts, still gusty winds. let's send it over to wyatt. >> just to get back to the radar perspective, chester south -- chester town south of queen anne county and if there were ever a time to download our storm shield app, this is it. put if your zip code. your town. when you do that, you can bring have you the coastal flood advisories. much more weather coming up. let's go backs to the news desk. >>> many schools cans selled their afternoon and evening activities. you can get the full list on our website, you can sign up for a severe weather alert. a. >>> a clinical research are was murdered monday night. >> police said he was returning home when he was robbed and killed. brian kuebler has more. dr. peter marvit has no enemies. no rhyme to this tragic reason. so far this seems like the typ
moderate rainfall now around lake shore, so around anne arundel anne arundel county, we are dealing with some heavier rain. you see the oranges, some yellows, some lightning in this as well, all of this is pushing into the bay, across the bay and we are going to be seeing plenty of rain even over into odenton this morning, glen burnie getting getting in on some light rain, same for crofton, hills near shores getting on the light side of it, but all of this moving off toward the east. we will see improving conditions as we head through the remainder of the morning. we will get a break. aberdeen's temperature right around 66 degrees this morning and that dewpoint at 66. so we do have that patchy fog out there. iamsville more of the same, quite mild, 63 degrees with a dewpoint of 62. and our last stop this morning is in glenwood where we do have that temperature coming in at 63 and 62 for a dewpoint. these temperatures are well above average and this is the hour-by-hour forecast. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, lunchtime coming in at 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies to partl
elementary school in anne arundel county. what police know about this guy. >>> and also ahead this morning, it is back to class, 350,000 kids finally going to school in chicago. we're going to tell you what it took to get teachers off the picket lines and into the classroom. those stories straight ahead on this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle alongside lauren cook and lynette charles. we're working on a story right now, a big fire that's causing some traffic headaches. >>reporter: yes. we just learned now that seven people have now been injured. i'll let you know how the fire is going to affect your commute coming up in just a few. >>> obviously another big story is the weather. it was wild yesterday. a lot of people have to clean up today. >> exactly. they're going to have a good day to do so. that front outta here, that cold front slicing through the area. a few clouds, but we will begin to see much more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. we still have a few sprinkles, some very light sho
to be slicing also over into anne arundel county. that's where we're dealing with a shower now. we can see it around shadyside and also deal. this will be sliding off toward the bay and we will begin to slowly dry things out as we go through later hours in the morning. for now temperatures are quite mild, in arnold 66 degrees, 62 in emmettsburg and jessup coming in at 65. the hour-by hour forecast brings us to 75 degrees as we head into lunchtime and we will be dry. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are following breaking news in anne arundel county. there's a two-alarm fire right now in lothiam on bee street. one person has been taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. we, of course, will bring you the very latest as it does become available. now, as lynette mentioned, we are dealing with a lot of rain, you will want to slow down, be extra careful as you head out. fog is going to be another issue, so do expect reduced visibility. as we check in and take a live look here at the northwest corner o
homicide is still under investigation tonight. if you live in anne arundel, the department of agriculture wants you to know they will be spraying for mosquitoes. it will be concentrated near ritchie highway, route 100 and start at 7:30 tonight. people should avoid doing anything outside if you live in the area. you can find a link at under local news and anne arundel county. >>> some observed a moment of silence. some gathered at memorials up and down the east coast. >> how people spent the day remembering 9/11. >>> on the wrlgt front, 78 degrees at bwi. the old record 100. richard from highland, maryland, you are our two-degree winner. we'll be back tomorrow, coming up. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> police say a 13-year-old student at stemmers
in yeardley love's memory. >>> recount -- anne arundel have arrested these two people for a robbery at the royal oak motel on annapolis road. he is facing another charge. she left her five children, the youngest, which is four months old, in a hotel room to steal. officers found the children and they have been releaseed into cuss -- into the custody of a family member. >>> the site remains an empty lot. today as jeff hager reports, we get our first glimpse of what har rods baltimore will look like. >> reporter: we've all seen the barren blocks. many wondered whether it will happen. har rods signaled its arrival. >> it's only going to be a few months from now where you'll see cranes, over 2,000 workers. >> reporter: at a projected cost of over $400 million it will have 110,000 square feet of gaming space, a 400 seat buffet, sports bar and restaurant along with a food court. it will also bring in the largest influx of jobs baltimore has seen in 30 years. >> we're prepared to move forward with the slot machines and are excited about it. hopefully question 7 passes which will allow an a
to be had. now let's check time saver traffic. >>> we are dealing with a very serious crash in anne arundel county, shut down to southbound lanes near annapolis roadand route 50. if you're on i-97, this is a live look at 795. notice everything is up to speed in this region, no problems to report if you're on 97 up towards 695. this is a live look at the southwest corner of the beltway at wilkins avenue, traffic starting to pick up. it will be 12 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. no problems to report on the beltway towards towson. no delays right now traveling southbound 695 downtown to east fayette street, that's about 11 minutes. that's a look at your traffic. megan, back to you. >>> today the first lady will be in baltimore attending a private campaign event at morgan state university at 3:00 this afternoon. tickets range $250 to $1,000. the price for students, only $25. later tonight she'll be at another fund raising event. >>> happening now, a live peanut butter of people lining up, waiting to get their hands on the latest iphone. that's the situation out of ne
anne arundel community called boulevard park. it has police frustrated and residents locking down and staying up all night. brian kuebler with a burglar playing catch me if you can with anne arundel police. >> reporter: boulevard park was still one of those small close communities where people still felt they could leave their windows and doors open. in less than a month's time they are changing. >> this is our life-style. now it's been invaded. >> you feel like there's a loss of security here? >> definitely a also of security, especially from the people who have been robbing. >> reporter: there's been an aston knishing 15 burglaries in -- astonishing 15 burglaries. it shows how close these victims are. >> my neighbor directly behind me got robbed. i have not been able to sleep, about a couple hours a night. i pace from window to window looking out. >> reporter: some homes have been hit more than once, leading police to believe this is the same suspect who's incredibly familiar with this neighborhood and the routines of the people who live here, a catch me if you can type of case
--enough, 3 justin mulcahy, anne arundel co. police: ""t's extremely disturbing and, again, the narcooics charges are only the beginninn in this. ww're looking into the possibility there could be some child neglect charges here, and certainly that's an angle we're gonna look at." there's no word on who else lived in the home.police say they also confiscated two guns, a .357 magnum and a ..2- caliber rifle.the child is expected to fully recovee.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. a baltimore county jury comes back with guilty verdicts against the two men police say orchestrated the towson town murder last december. frank williams and william degree pre-meditated murder. 199year old rodney pridget , was killed. prosecutors ay their strongest piece of evidence was the ideotape from the malls surveillancee say they plan to seek life.. - without parole for williams and ward. (shellenberger)"although they feel like if your an individual that has enough powerryou can make someone obviously a very dangerous person should never be free to walk maryland streets again" sentencing... is... th
temperatures will change by sunday. that's coming up. >>> breaking news out of anne arundel county, this is aren't 97 and 530. as you head south on 97, this is where the accident is, always a problem in the afternoon commute and certainly a problem today. you can see it's an active seen in the middle of i-97. it's not clear how long if -- it will take to clear. at one point it was a five-mile backup. only one lane getting by state police trying to reconstruct the crash. we do know one person has been killed in the crash. we will continue to follow the story both tonight and on >>> that as a tough area traffic wise on a normal day. hope they get that cleared out sooner than later. the naval academy all sunshine. conditions have been good. man, what a day to go sail the severn window. the mighty bridge. it's the observatory. how about havre de grace over the sus question hannah, looking into cecil county, just a gorgeous day. humidity has come up. it's feeling more summer like for this last evening of summer 2012. sad to see it go, but we have football. 60 or so at kick
exposure. >> in addition to milford mill, the harundale marley area of anne arundel county will also be sprayed in the coming weeks. to see a map of those areas, go to our website, nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. a man is facing a host of the drug charges after his young son ingested a dangerous amount of methadone. his son stopped breathing after apparently swallowing the drug. police recovered cocaine, marijuana, and math that amphetamines and two weapons -- methamphetamines. >> the investigation into last month's train development in ellicott city. officials have ruled out speed and weather as a contributing to the accident. two college students died when they were buried by coal. >> prosecutors contend frank williams and william ward orchestrated a hit on rodney pridget because rodney pridget disrespected the gang that they belong to to. police have made an arrest in a murder at a hotel. a person is charged in the death of another person. the murder happened last month when a fight broke out in the parking lot at the ramada inn. >> president obama will a
to see on the market. >>> but first, it was just before midnight when anne arundel county police say a 70- year-old glen burnie woman was burglarized as she was getting dressed for bed. she wasn't hurt as the armed suspect took off, but the whole case sounds frightenly familiar to those on the block. we explain why. >> reporter: it doesn't take long before you see a police cruiser on country club drive in glen burnie. that is by design as the police respond the an armed burglary of a 70-year-old woman on this block saturday night. the police say the suspect broke into her home, had a knife, but when he realized she was awake, he took off, the search for him has been on ever since. >> just a lot of cops coming around, constantly running by. it is good to see. >> reporter: as are the traffic stops and i.d. checks the police have been doing in this neighborhood, the officers don't know exactly who they're looking for. the detectives say when the suspect broke in the other night, he covered his tas with one of the victim's shirts. if this all sounds familiar, it is because it is. we were here
in anne arundel county. in 2010 there were 23 cases. the mild winter could have something to do with the increase in cases. michael goldsmith contracted the disease one year ago and he still is in the hospital. revolt to be alive, but still facing a long road to recovery. >> -- grateful to be a live but still facing a long road to recovery. >> it has all been taking away from us. >> health officials say some of the best ways to protect yourself is to stay indoors, where epa approved repellent, get rid of standing water around your home. you need to take these precautions through october 31. that is one mesquita surveillance season ends. -- the investigation continues into a deadly shooting and was baltimore. police say they found a 24-year- old victim with a gunshot wound. he died in shock trauma. only a vague description was given of the suspect, but they saw the shooter toss the weapon at the scene. a walk to take back their streets after a rash of shootings. the murder of 51-year-old peter marvin was the latest incident in the neighborhood. detectives are looking for a pair o
might be keeping -- in anne arundel county might be keeping a nervous eye on their kids when they drop them off this morning. police are looking for a man who was outside an elementary school doing something pretty disturbing. >>> and it appears to be random, a researcher at nih right now murdered and police are investigating what may possibly have happened. we'll tell you what they have to say this morning. >>> plus fighting west nile virus, crews will be back out in baltimore county after a rain delay, trying to stop the deadly virus from spreading. we have details on that straight ahead. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning, i'm megan pringle. charley off this morning, again, spending time with his new daughter and lynette charles has a look at weather. you might be wondering, please don't tell me there's going to be a repeat of yesterday. and, of course, lauren cook looking at the roads. >>reporter: yes. we actually do have our first accident of the day in howard county. so i'll have more on that coming up. >>> in the meantime, that weather was wild. >> it was, it was
. >>> 6:49 right now. anne arundel county police are trying to find a man accused of touching himself outside of a county elementary school. now, this all happened while day care was in session and sports teams were practicing. abc 2 news' sherree johnson joins us live this morning with the details on how you can help find this guy. sheree. >>reporter: well, megan, yes, i'm here in millersville right in front of anne arundel county police headquarters. i just spoke with officers, and they tell me they still have not found the suspect, and, yes, they could use the public's help with this. this all happened monday night around 6:00 near seven oaks elementary school in anne arundel county. while day care, yes, was still in session and community sports teams were practicing, police say a man committed a lewd act in front of the school. now, surveillance cameras captured the man acting suspicious. police released these pictures of the suspect. school was not in session during this incident, but authorities want to find this person. county police have a new initiative called operation cott
to central high school in anne arundel county in 2009, initially he was bullied. last year he got into several fights with several students. she complained to school officials but the bullying wore off. she thought his school life had returned to a more stable time and then this happened. police won't comment about any of that. they say it's just too early on in this investigation, too many unknowns at this point in time but of course his mother and some of his classmates have their own near theories and we'll talk more about that coming up at 5:30. >> kristin fisher reporting live from prince george's county. >>> an autopsy is scheduled today on the body of gary cook. he was married to patricia cook who was shot and killed earlier this year by a culpeper county police officer. daniel harman-wright is now charged with murder in that shooting. gary cook had filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against are a man-wright. investigators say at this point it does not appear foul play was involved in mr. cook's death. >>> the five men found guilty in the south capitol street shootin
the path at puddy hill avenue and you are inviteded to a ceremony in millersville in anne arundel county at the police and fire department headquarters. from will be a moment of silence at 8:50. and you can be entertained tonight the rock and the pier to support military families, a concert from 6 until 11 at the hard rock cafe at the inner harbor. proceeds go to fisher house which helps military families who are in need. keep in mind state flags will fly at half-staff and this is for the death of a harford county sheriff corporal many family and friends will pay respects to charles lacato. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. >> parents with children in the chicago school district face another day of rearrangingl schedules while kid and teachers and they continue to strike today. the union representing the teachers say that no progress was made last night on contract issues so thousands of teachers and staff will hit the picket line. they did this yesterday and that's the video you are looking at. they are fighting over proposal of laid off tempes and evaluations. the strike leaves cl
. >>> coming up at 6:00, four local families are mourning tonight after deadly crashes in anne arundel county. >>> a vietnam vet said he is one of thousands infected with hepatitis c from a traveling medic. you'll hear his story all new at 6:00. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? bounty. the clean picker upper. >>> this is a bizarre frightening incident for miley cyrus. >> an intruder was arrested outside the actress' home. police apprehended a 40-year-old man who was carrying a
from the west nile virus. now anne arundel county has confirmed a third case of the virus this week, although this one was not deadly that is still two fewer than the county had last year. several counties have been spraying for mosquitoes to stop the spread of the virus. >>> a terrible morning for people in one essex neighborhood. baltimore county police say this man set fire to a carport, several vehicles and a boat. jamie brown lives in the neighborhood. and he had two vehicles in his carport burned along with a boat. he told us he doesn't believe the fire was set at his home. >> and just paid for the bought. just -- boat and just paid for the boat, paid cash for the boat and i bought it, fixed it up and i don't even have it in my name yet, you ing for the title. >> brown says all he can do now is tell police what he can and wait for insurance adjuster. >>> a former city police officer gives thanks to a hospital for saving his life, not once, but twice. gene cassidy braved the microphones at the university of maryland mecal center today but his true bravery began 25 years ago. wh
made its way through anne arundel county, ending at a funeral home in his hometown of wedgewater, maryland -- edgewater, maryland. he will be buried in arlington national cemetery on wednesday. >>> some georgetown residents are taking crime fighting into their own hands. the citizens association of georgetown is adding private surveillance cameras to their neighborhood. the group hopes to make it harder for crooks to break in to cars and rip off cell phones. under d.c. law, private citizens have more leeway than police when using the cameras. however, some critics are voicing concerns about privacy rights. >>> the democratic national convention will kick off tomorrow. randall pinkston is in charlotte, north carolina where the party is already under way. >> reporter: actor jeff bridges took to the stage for a sound track at charlotte's carolina fest. the democratic national convention host committee is putting on this day long street party for the public. president obama is making his way to charlotte through key battleground states. today he's holding a labor day rally in ohio. d
charges are fuelld by fiction.. not fact. ffct. anne arundel county police say james armstead made a phone call last month to the child support office in annapolis.. where calls are recorded.. with threats to kill an employee and hhmself. police all it a "batman-style shooting" threat.... like colorado's movie massacre. armstead, out on a bond now, admits he was angry that day.. ......but says he ever made any threats &pto anybody...... (armstead) "i don't know why would make her go and do pomething like that. to try to get me locked up, to try to get me away frrm my kids. why would you go up and make up aa summary like that towards me and my life is on the line on h" &phere" armstead goes to court in november.... meantime.... nn comment tonight from police or prosecutors. d-c... police... continue to investigate... an... attaak... aboard ... a... metro train silver spr. spring.authorities... say... it happened yesterday .../ as ... a... passenger... was talking... on his ... cell phone....//that's... when ...a wom
commander approval on a case by case basis. >> anne arundel county police are searching for a man who allegedly committed a lewd act outside an elementary school. the man was acting suspiciously outside the school in odenton. the incident happened after normal school operation hours but community activities or under way at the time. if you recognize this person, call anne arundel county police. city police are investigating the murder of a doctor in northeast baltimore. police responded before 10:30 last night. they found the 51-year-old suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and torso. he was rushed to johns hopkins but did not survive. police say he worked as a contractor for the national as to the pelt was parking his car when he was approached by unknown suspects in a possible armed robbery attempt. police continue their investigation and search for suspects. baltimore county police are warning residents to lock their doors today after a string of burglaries. in some cases, the victims accidentally gave steve access to their homes. most have left their cars unlocked wi
. how critical is that position? we spoke with had the security of anne arundel county. >> we are part of an office that handles physical security and safety issues in emergency planning. a lot goes on. >> roberts says his office is prepared to deal with any emergency which has the potential to affect students and staff. >> we bought everybody in. because of the tornado watch progress part of his job as head of security is to make sure schools have plans in place. >> we do drills, several times during the year. we make sure we are ready any time an emergency occurs. it is not going to be like a drill. you have to have that mind-set. but of the to know what to expect and can deal with the emergency that arises. rex -- >> anything can happen. to have someone that you can call and say here's the situation, what should we be doing? >> it is a position where communication is key. especially between the school system and the county police and fire departments. >> they share information with us, we share information with them so everyone can help make the schools more safe. like the superinte
...// in... howard, .../ anne arundel... and... p--g.... ccunties.../. countiis.../. the... was... carried out... last thursddyy../ by... local... police departments,,.../ working... alongside.... departments,,.../ working... alongside.... & police...//. howard .. county... netted the most arrestt,.../ ith.... 14... out of 22. the... histtric... senatoo theater... is... in ... new hands, .../ but... not... without... some controverss..../ today... the... city'ss.. poard of estimates... of the north baltimore landmark.../ to... buzz cusak,,../ ownnr... of the... charles theater..../ the... deal includes... a... loww interest loan... and grant..... while... is goodd.. for... he city.../, the... former owner of the senator... disagrees. 3the maryland food bank of laid off steelworkers and - their families... families...karen parks joins us nnw and tells us how former are now getting much needed hel. help..... 3 steelworkers have long supported the maryland f
3 tommannounces the match! 3 fiber map 3 an anne arundel an anne arundel county mmther is accused of leaving her children alone in a hhtel roomm.. while she robbed a man. man.tom rodgers is here with more on how police came o the discovery... as ell as today'ssother tp stories.good good morning, patrice and joee. some of those children... are old.tameka wright's five ld. children were founn alone inside a room aa the royal inn &ppn odenton. police say wright.. along with 22 year old james reid... assaultee and robbed a man at the same hotelllatt saturday night. the victim told police where the suspects were staying... pand when police went o the potel room, they found the chillren by themmelves.. (((police)))) "yeah its &ppnusual and ccrtainly aa diiturbing as well. i mean ya have a robbery and then you robbery are left unattendedd and and again these children weee very young in agg. " pthe children were placed in deeartment of social services is noo invvstigating. convicted killer george huguely is appealing his convic. conviccion.his attorneys filed the appeal,
in one small community in anne arundel county. neighbors saying the spree is getting them to put extra locks on their doors. sherry john son has -- sherry johnson has more as -- sherrie johnson has more as police try to catch the burglary. >> reporter: they are investigating with 15 burglaries in three weeks folks in the boulevard park neighborhood are on the lookout. they are off mountain road. peep who live there say it's a quiet and crime free area until now. some of they didn't lock their doors. over the last few weeks things changed. police believe the same person committed the burglaries. officers say it was someone who is is familiar with the neighborhood and routines of people who live there. dekives say the suspects breaks in when no one is home and makes off with cash jewelry and electronics. many started to change their routine. >> as soon as my neighbor right behind me got robbed, i have not been able to sleep about a couple hours a night. i pace from window to window looking out. >> reporter: in the response to the burglary spree the neighborhood association mass a heat --
. >> goldsmith is from anne arundel county but we have to talk to him on the phone said he was receiving treatment in virginia. >> i am severely hampered in terms of my movement. i have not walked in a year. i can -- i have been pretty much tied to a bed. i have been liquid nickel trent -- fed with eight liquid nutrient. latest case has been reported in anne arundel county. they're nowhere close to the peak that was seen in two dozen 3173 human cases were reported. where we sing an increase? several different factors maybe playing. >> we had a milder winter last winter, a bit of a drought in the spring and summer. sometimes that can create more heat which can also increase reading at a miscue areas. >> they also suggest wearing epa approved repellent covering your skin and getting rid of standing water around her home. the west nile surveillance season ends, halloween and officials are urging your one to take the steps to retrieve themselves. the state agriculture department is spring areas all over central maryland during the next few weeks. >> police are investigating a homicide in wes
one last time. >>> another case of west nile virus hits anne arundel. coming up what actions the state is taking to keep the disease from spreading. >> you think you're eating the right thing to stay healthy but they could be diet disasters. >> and a musical number. how about a monolog filled with zingers. >>> important news for people battling high bloo. a good night's sleep is necessary to make the medicine effective. people who took part in the study who slept fewer than six hours were twee's as likely to have high blood pressure and resistant to treatment. women were more likely than known suffer from resistant blood pressure. >>> if you've been dieting but not seeing improvement on president scale you could be on a diet disaster. gray noel a is normally viewed as healthy but most store bought times are loaded with sugar. the salad bar is another place calories can pop up. >> you'd be car price how many calories and fat can pop up when you start putting on bacon bits, eggs and creamy dressing. >> alcohol can pack on the pounds. just one six ounce cocktail can have as many as 150 ca
. school security post is one that has become a necessity for neighboring anne arundel county. tim tooten spoke with their top cop. >> they hired their first school security officer almost 10 years ago. this is gonna long way in trying to keep students safe. >> we brought everyone in from the portable classrooms because of a tornado watch. we are part of an office that handles physical security as well as personal safety issues, personal -- emergency planning. >> they also carry out security measures in the school system. part of his job is to work one- on-one with school resources police officers. >> we do drills during the year to make sure that they're ready. if any kind of emergency occurs, it will not be a drill. you have to have that mindset. >> they can stay connected to the head of the county fire and police departments. >> i can talk directly to them. it helps make the schools a safer place. >> it is one reason the job has become so critical in recent years. >> during the school day, anything can happen. to have someone you can call and say here is this incident, this situation,
in anne arundel county was raped. tonight, they're trying to figure out if the man behind the attack struck again. police say 70-year-old woman was getting dressed in her home in the 100 block of country club drive when a man burst into her room. the man ran off and was not hurt. but the incident may be linked to the incident from 2010. an elderly woman living in the same block of that street was attacked late at night by a man covering his face with a scarf. he was described as having a large build and police say he was never found. detectives are confirming they are actively investigating a connection between the two crimes. anyone with information is urged to call this number. >> the fourth straight day of some spectacular weather in the mid atlantic as a high pressure remains strongly anchored over our region. temperatures are comfortable. you can see there is no rain around here. hardly any cloud cover to be found. temperatures at or a little below normal. 73 degrees at the coast. all away from new england into the carolinas, it is a beautiful, comfortable day. temperatures will
in the area of white marsh boulevard. at 75 we're at 62 miles an hour . no delays there. 97 and anne arundel county towards 50 and anap will you explain, things are looking good. live look outside at the top side of the beltaway at york road, you can see the inner and outer loops are moving just fine. looks like sno no problems north or southbound headed in and out of the harbor tunnel. stan? >> taking a look at some of our top stories this morning. four people are dead, eight others seriously injured after an alleged drunk driver slams into a crowd of people at a las vegas bus stop. witnesses say gary was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his car. it went airborne before spinning out and crashing into the bus stop. he is also charged with four counts of d.u.i. resulting in death. negotiates -- me the negotiators met saying some progress has been made but not enough to stop the strike from stretching into a fifth day. despite a rally on chicago's west side, officials say they remain optimistic they can reach a deal over the weekend. and the actress best known for playin
living in the anne arundel county one year ago and is still fighting the disease. >> i really want to get my life back. i had a lot of things i was involved in. it has all been taken away from me. >> health officials say some of the bust was to protectors of our tuesday in doors at dawn and dusk, where epa approved a talent and -- repellent. >> thank you. this morning city police are investigating a homicide in was baltimore. investigators say a 24-year-old man was shot. he later died at the hospital. a witness saw the man tossed a weapon aside. the man has not been found. they have not reveal a motive in the case. >> an investigation is underway on how a mta bus drifted. the bus was parked in the driver was inspecting the bus when as started to move and crashed into the shelter. >> there are a number of procedures that should occur when a bus is stopped. everything from the wheels being turned to a break being set. we are devastating to determine if all of the proper procedures were followed. -- we are investigating to determine if all procedures were followed. >> everyone has been relea
are dealing with breaking news in anne arundel county. there is a two-alarm fire on bee street. we'll, of course, bring you the very latest developments as they become available. we are dealing with quite a bit of rain and fog this morning, so you do have to be extra careful getting to work. unfortunately -- fortunately there's nothing getting in your way if you use the jfx. 11 minutes traveling southbound from 695 all the way to fayette street. everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. as we take a look outside, here's the beltway at liberty road, no problems getting down to 95 and the inner loop will be nice and clear through pikesville. this is what 695 looks like. there's nothing to get in your way all the way up to 83. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, over to you. >>> a family is beginning to say good-bye today to a baltimore man they say died at the hands of police. the viewing is taking place for anthony anderson. he was walking home in east baltimore last week when he ran into several police offic
the number, it's also on your screen, 866-7-lockup if you have any information. >>> anne arundel county police this morning trying to find a man accused of touching himself outside of an elementary school. this all happened while day care was in session and the sports teams, they were actually outside practicing. abc 2 news' sherree johnson is here with the details on how you can help police find this guy. sheree. >>reporter: well, megan, we're live here in millersville at anne arundel county police headquarters here where authorities are still investigating this case, and yet they need the public's help to try to find this guy. thisall happened monday night somewhere around 6:00 in the evening near seven oaks elementary school in anne arundel county while day care was still in session and community sports teams were still practicing, police say a man committed a lewd act. now surveillance camera captured the man acting suspicious. police released these pictures of the suspect. school was not in session during this incident, but authorities want to find this person. county police also
,heroin, methamphetamine--/enough, ... police say... , to distribute. justin mulcahy, anne arundel co. pollce: "it's extreeely disturbing and, again, the narcotics charges are only the beginning in this. we're &plooking into the possibility therr could be some child negleet charges here, and certainly that's an angle we're gonna look at." at." the ethadone... the child drank... waa purchased illegally,... accordiig... to poliie....//the... boy... is fine,.../// the... n-t-s-b... releases ... a... preliminary report... of... that... deadly... train derailment... last month... in... ellicott city.../. pyranda... stephenn... live... near... phhre it happened.../ with... more... on what ...the agency found. 3 jeff, the national transportation safety board began investigating last in historic ellicott city... soon after it happened. and now... a preliminary eport speed was a factor in that deadly wreck. the c-s-x train was traveling eastbound around midnight august 20th... when it came off the tracks - sending several cars lo
george's county, into howard county, into anne arundel. just going to skirt northern calvert here. annapolis area seeing it now. you get outside the beltway, coming in on 50 or coming down from baltimore on 29, route 1, you're going to see it. 97 also. by now most of it east of 301. even in prince george's county. so that's good news. even that shower we showed you in loudoun seems to be falling apart. let's go to beverly farmer in for monika. >>> if you're traveling on 95 headed out of fredricksburg and making your way north, right now besides the wet pavement and volume building, lanes are open. pace still decent for folks heading into quantico. here in dale city near the rest area, volume is still light heading into woodbridge and on into springfield. northbound 395 still a good pace leaving edsall road, landmark up toward shirlington, the pentagon and the inbound 14th street bridge. downtown traffic no incidents to report. just the volume there. signal lights on the fritz on 14th street at c street. they've been flash mode since yesterday afternoon. 66 has been a good ride. no
. casino in anne arundel county is the third largest u.s.rcial casino in the maryland live! has more than 1000 slot machines electronic table games and a room and a new store. will give easier to get from to one of's capital e most important cities in the middle east. emirates airlines will launch onstop service from dulles to today, a 14-hour flight. the new service will help d.c. dooking toies abroad and foreign wanting to do more business in d.c. >> our question in an american professor's decision to breast feed her young daughter if while lecturing. wrote on her blog to miss did not want day of class and she brought her sick child to class with her. tom roussey has reaction from campus. >> many students we spoke to say they would not care if the professor best and her baby during class, especially since teacher wrote about her was siick. it's not a big deal. >> she did what she had to do. this sophomore was there in the room. >> she had to finish the class. about tos know she was it and i think she handled it professional back she could grow. not like it. did i thought it was unprofes
because he knows the viewers of abc2 always come through. so call the anne arundel police department. come on. let's help gary and his family out. >>> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest for two fires that happened at a denny's. a person of interest was seen on surveillance video. the first fire was set in the men's room trash can, didn't do much damage, but the second one, that started in the men's bathroom and this spread. it caused $500,000 in damage. so authorities are asking anyone who recognize the man in the video or have information about the fire call the fire marshal. >>> before the big night governor o'malley made the rounds on the sunday morning shows, giving a preview of what to expect. he touched on job creaption and voiced his support for president obama. governor o'malley is set to take the stage at 10:00 in charlotte and will be introducing the keynote speaker, julian castro. >>> they will be showing the documentary "bully." it highlights the problem across the country. it will be shown at the amc theater at the columbia maw. families can
institute at anne arundel community college... joins us this and the best way to ease lence - tensions. thank you dr.powers...> why is this ametuer film sparking such violence?> what else is behind the outrage? built up tensions against u-s> how do officials the best 3 a mother loses her child..twice! twice!how ccooks.. stole her kid's ashes. you're targeting information on the violence at u-s embassies overseas...on
their lives on that day. >> in anne arundel people gathered to pay tribute. >> the memorial at police and fire department headquarters featured two steel beams. john leopold said it's a day to remember not only the victims, but the heroes who saved lives. >> to honor not only the people who lost their lives, about 3,000 individuals, 68 maryland residents, but also to thank the first responders, the police, fire, medical personnel who went into those burning buildings. >> the county held a tribute in annapolis. >>> when we woke up this morning it was the weather. a little before nine we all remember where we were 11 years ago. we remember who we lost, what we lost. in new york, they read the roll call of names. >> and my god mother. >> in shaimptionville people remembered the -- shanksville, people remembered. it was a struggle with the hijackers for control of the plane. >> my goal is we wish we didn't have to be here. wish we didn't have to commemorate this. the. >> the names of the passengers and crew were read at the month the plane crashed. bells were rung by surviving members who became i
money to pay an employee of her law warm. >> the lawyer for anne arundel county executive john leopold is asking for new testimony, alleging gender did -- gender discrimination be tossed out. attorney linda actor is attaching the new claims saying they became sensationalized. the lawsuit accuses leopold and three other men of improper conduct and sexual harassment which created a hostile workplace. leopold has also been accused of using spies to detect this loyalty among county employees. x and new and disturbing possible motive in connection with last month cafeteria shooting at perry hall high school. attorneys for 15-0 robert gladden say he went to school armed with a shotgun because he expected to be killed. david collins joins us from towson with the latest. >> his attorneys described that desire as suicide by cop. testimony revealed that gladden is under suicide watch. his attorneys described him as scared, depressed, and overwhelmed by his personal circumstances. according to his attorneys, 15- year-old robert gladden went to perry hall high school armed with a shotgun because h
, areas to the north are getting a good soaking in parts of new jersey. but notice in anne arundel county, not a lot of rain to measure. today just a trace. that means for the month of september as we work our way through the first few days, we are below normal. for the year we are 5.5 inches below normal. i temperatures in the upper- 80's. the normal is only 82. we'd beat that by quite a bit. it is currently in the low-80's. downtown baltimore, 81 as the rain shower pass through. 73 on the coast. 70's in the mountains. temperatures will stay in the 70's tonight. if you suburbs may reach 67. -- a few suburbs may reach 67. all of this weather is locked in place. nothing really to take out the front until this front arrives. that is going to take a couple of days. it would generate more showers and thunderstorms. for most of the week, the threat of a shower will be there. highs tomorrow, 84-89. winds out of the southwest at 5- 10. on the bay, a small craft advisory. the waves will diminish and settle down during the afternoon when the thunderstorms will be popping up. use some caution if yo
he was picked up by police yesterday. the victim michael campbell will not face any charges. anne arundel county police need your help idenitifying a suspicious man near an elementary school. school.surveillance cameras caught these photos of the maa outside seven oaks elementary in odenton on thursday. witnesses say the man may have the entrance...while daycare t - and sports activities were still takinggplace.anyone with information....should call pplice. police say a woman found n a vacant lot in "old town mall" was murdered.her body wad found just off ensor street, tuesday word on her identity yet. popular crime mapping website ooline.spotcrime tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood.also ggt emails whhn crime happens.sign up by going to fox baltimore dot on spotcrime in the hot topics seetions... at the top of the screen. an ohio inmate is fighting to stop his execution... with the argument that he's too at. fat.ronald post is set to die by lethal injection.. for the killing of a woman in the p980's.but his lawyers argue client weighs nearly 5-h
will be out spring in the east port and annapolis sections of anne arundel county. it is an effort to prevent the virus.le it will also be done in the same area next monday. residents should avoid outdoor activities while it's going on. there have been three deaths so far from the virus in marilyn bart. one in d.c. and one in virginia. >> turning to the presidential republican nominee mitt be in colorado today. he spent much of last week dealing with controversial about taxpayers during the may fund-raiser. new polls show president obama pulling away in some key states including florida, ohio, and virginia. >> when the american people are asked of the basic question, these candidates do you better prepared to move forward in the next years? they say it president obama. >> i think it's going to be about your bank account and not account. bank about your job, whether you have or you are afraid of losing it. >> the president will be in new york today for the start of the assembly. >> we have to recall to tell you about from trader joe's. >> the apple iphone dust has not settled. it's becoming mo
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